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Welcome to Spirit-Wise

     Welcome to the beautiful currents of the blossoming energy of Spring!

What a time to explore and to learn something about yourself and the world we live in.

One of my great loves is the exploration of practices flowing from the animistic and ancient past now emerging as renewed resources for our contemporary times. 

   Spirit-Wise encompasses healing modalities and spirit-filled teachings for individuals and practitioners of the healing arts. My courses are geared for healers, shamanic and Seidr practitioners and mediums. 

Spirit-wise also offers a shop including Sprays for Change and ceremonial items for many needs. 

    Healing arts that I teach are courses on Mindrooms, Mediumship, Curse Unraveling, Energy Hygiene and Compassionate Depossession. These courses are taught live online and a portion of them are recorded for later purchase. The courses on Depossession and Unraveling of Curses and Thoughtforms are taught in the traditional oral style without recordings.  New courses are added at intervals throughout the year. On my website, Upcoming Courses are live and  Video Courses are live at the time of recording and go to become Recorded Courses for your personal viewing. 

      Join me in the soon to be announced series of one day courses about all aspects of those we call  non-corporeal beings. This course will be called "Spirits".  My lifelong interest and experience of what is happening in The Otherworld is information I would love to share with you. This will be an introduction to the many spirits who share our world and space together. Becoming acquainted with Otherworld beings, including the Good Folk and Elvenkind can become a great blessing if you know the customs and lore for safe communication. Interacting with the Otherworld realms and beings is less about "Sight" and more about our senses and  heart. 

You may be interested in a Norse based training I offer called "Völva, Vala, Norn".  VVN, as it is  known, encompasses two 9 month trainings on Seidr, the Norse Pantheon, Mythology and the Runes. An additional 9 week training on Rune Magic is also available for those who have complete VVN1 and VVN 2. Look for these on my Recorded Courses page as an archived course still available for those interested.

                   Rune readings will soon be available. 

And for those who love the ancient Egyptian mysteries, look for the return of Amduat and the 12 Gates.

—Betsy Bergstrom    

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