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     One of my great loves is the exploration of practices from the past that  emerge as resources for our contemporary times. 

   Spirit-Wise encompasses teaching, healing, storytelling and ceremonies. We also offer sprays and ceremonial mists for many needs and experiences and Seidr related products. My courses are geared for healing, shamanic and Seidr practitioners and mediums.

   Healing arts that I teach are Mediumship, Curse Unraveling, Energy Hygiene and Compassionate Depossession. These are online courses.

   My Völva, Vala, Norn Seidr course, though nearing the end of its 9 months, continues to be open to new students as an archived, recorded course for those who may be interested in joining us in Völva, Vala, Norn

Part 2, November 2022. 

  Spirit-Wise operates as an umbrella, often needed in my Pacific Northwest ancestral home, sheltering other practitioners on my referral page, whose work springs from the deep well of animism .

—Betsy Bergstrom    

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