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Happy May!

Consider my Sprays for Change as personal allies for you as you move into the active outdoor season. Whether as a gift or a personal purchase, my sprays will  provide support.

My Sprays for Change are inspired by my love of plants, water, landscapes and spirit.

 Many of the essences I use are made by me in sacred locations on my journeys exploring this beautiful earth. I work with high level flower and plant essential oils and each bottle of my sprays is created individually and infused with mantra, charms and the blessing power of deities who have befriended me and who love to share their blessings with you.

For the traveller...Seidr Journey Hoods are practical, magical and handmade by me. They also work wonderfully for shamanistic journeying. 

If you are not in the USA, please email me a list the items you desire. I will be happy to send to them you.

    Sprays for Change

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