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Spirit-Wise Founder Betsy Bergstrom

For 35 years, Betsy Bergstrom has taught spirit-based mystery traditions and healing. Raised by her animist mother in her ancestral Coastal Salish lands, Betsy focuses on remembering that the world is alive and much of what we encounter in nature has a consciousness of its own.


Her heritage also reaches back in to Viking Scandinavia and Clan Macdonald in Scotland and in more contemporary times into the Forest Finn or Skogfinnene tradition in Sweden. She has been lovingly encouraged by her teachers in Nordic, Scottish, Finnish and Buddhist traditions, to share her insight, techniques and experiences. This is the foundation from which Spirit-Wise was launched.


Betsy has been developing and teaching her signature practices of Psychopomp and Compassionate Depossession since the year 2000. She also pioneered the techniques of Space Clearing, Mediumship, and Curse and Thought-form Unraveling courses for healing practitioners. Currently, she is training teachers in Compassionate Depossession to facilitate the outreach into the community of this safe and sacred work.


In later years, following ancestral threads, she has become one of the premier teachers of Norse Seidr in the United States, bringing the practice from England and Denmark.


As a practicing Buddhist and student of Lama Tsering Norbu Wangdu Rinpoche, she is authorized to teach assorted Vajrayana Buddhist teachings.


"My goal in teaching is to facilitate a connection with wisdom traditions so that they can be adapted in the present to enrich individuals, families and communities in contemporary times.”