Advanced Compassionate Depossession

Advanced Compassionate Depossession

Time & Location

Oct 13, 8:00 AM PDT – Oct 17, 1:00 PM PDT
Online Zoom Event $750

About the Event

Compassionate Depossession is a humane modality that benefits both the client and the attached suffering beings, returning the beings from whatever reality they come from.

The themes for this class are: Review - Deepen - Expand - Ground - Contain

This training will start with a brief review of the basics of process and cosmology, to ensure that a safe and effective container is created for this work.

Next, the training will focus on you as a successful advanced practitioner:

  • Personal alignment so as not to be the effect of what occurs in a session:                                   
  • Interior (how to determine/set the tone and pace of the depossession)
  • Exterior (noticing/taking care of everything that’s going on)
  • Conscious choice to not be fluctuated by what’s occurring.
  • Deepening your own personal connection with your True Self - and working with the True Self of others

Since this is an advanced training, the skills focus will be on complexities associated with this work.  Protocols (personal/body protectors and situational) for complex work, including:

  • Allies
  • Multiple possessions
  • Possessions with magical attributes (bindings, curses, geasas)
  • Bound spirits
  • Demons/Daimons (with a Spiritus loci)

There will also be a deeper exploration of Mediumship, in the context of Compassionate Depossession - specifically, working with clients on how to:

  • Prepare the client for the work
  • Prepare the client to give voice
  • Guide the client to what is relevant to depossession
  • Work with the emotions of the client and the Suffering Beings

This work is non-heroic and is best undertaken by grounded and mature individuals because of the potential for phenomenon in this work. This is not a program for those seeking healing rather than training, though healing may occur within the training. This is an intensive training.


  • Basic Compassionate Depossession with Betsy Bergstrom or one of her affiliated teachers.
  • Shamanic journeying proficiency
  • This work is for mature individuals
  • This class is for active practitioners, not people seeking personal depossession

Please note: This class is for active practitioners of Compassionate Depossession, who have conducted at least 10 Compassionate Depossession sessions (and have written up two case studies as part of their application). While many participants receive healing as a result of taking the class, this class is designed for active practitioners to deepen their skills in Compassionate Depossession. This is an intensive training.

Class size limited to 40 participants

*Last class for 2021 pricing

If you should have any questions, please contact me here.

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*Photo: St. Oran’s Light, Isle of Iona, Scotland taken by Betsy Bergstrom

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