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Völva, Vala, Norn, 2
Völva, Vala, Norn, 2

Völva, Vala, Norn, 2

9-month online membership with Betsy Bergstrom and the VVN team

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Time & Location

Nov 03, 2022, 8:00 AM PDT

Online Training

About the Event

Emerging from 9-months of VVN as staff carriers, together we will deepen our exploration of the Norse animist Seidr traditions.

Völva, Vala, Norn 2  is an online weekly course that builds on the foundations that we have established in the 9 previous months of Völva, Vala, Norn.

Welcome back!   The Runes will accompany us on our journey into the Sacred Seidr Landscape. As staff carriers and as increasingly canny practitioners of Seidr and Megin consciousness, we will deepen our relationships with the many associated spiritual ally beings including the precious Hidden Folk and Freyja. The Crossroads and Mindrooms beckon us to realms as yet unexplored which hold keys to much more empowerment and the enlivening of our Seidr practices.

Shadow and light are powerful parts of the Northern mystical experience. Rather than being polarized, they are different sides of the same coin. With Baldr, an avatar of the Sun, we will make our journey to Hel’s realm and get to know her tender mercies.  Receiving her initiations allows us to never fear death, of others or our own. That is freedom.

The Valkyries of Freya who guide heroes and heroines to Folkvang have mysteries of their own which span lifetimes and reincarnations. Their view of the cosmos awakens us and support us in being present, conscious and comfortable anywhere. The path of the seer or Spadom practitioner is to see and then to really see. Seeing means knowing.

The Hidden folk, the nature spirits and the sacred liminal places of power and transformation will deepen our High Seat practices which will be held monthly and in a variety of ways. With words and without, for healing, for seeing, for prophesy.

Seidr practitioners were also Avatars of the goddess, god or beings they served. As human avatar, they embody the presence, the energy, the megin of the deity who is themselves an avatar of a power greater than can be imagined. Perhaps that is where your gifts are waiting for you. A High Seat of Avatars?

Deepening our connections to the landscape and spirits we have already explored, we open to more, including a long and deepening  relationship with the Runes as magic, as embodiments of powerful natural forces  and as Megin..

And we will craft Seidr practitioners, teachers, seers and mystics who will flourish in their lives and in their arts in this contemporary age.  

In practical terms, together…what is possible?

Betsy, Nadia, Jeffrey, Lorelei and Julie O.


  • 1 hour

    Weekly every Thursday at 8:00AM Pacific Time (November 2023 - July 2024)


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