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 Völva, Vala, Norn Archive Course
 Völva, Vala, Norn Archive Course

Völva, Vala, Norn Archive Course

Join Betsy Bergstrom for a 9 month exploration of the Norse animist spirit tradition co-mingled with mediumship, divination, prophesy, healing and the shifting of destiny paths. This course happened in 2021 and 2022 and is available for purchase in an archived format.

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Time & Location

Sep 27, 2022, 8:00 AM PDT

Online: Zoom

About the Event

Völva, Vala, Norn Part 1

The Völva portion of the course is an introduction to the spirit world, emphasizing safe practices, choosing safe spirit relationships and easy navigation of the spirit terrain. We begin the practice of Seidr, a shamanistic craft involving spirit, song and staff.  The Vala segment of the course includes the time honoured practice of mediumship and prophesy in conjunction with compassionate deities, ancestors, elements and spirits of the land. We enter, through initiation, into the ancient craft of the Seidr High Seat ceremony. 

We learn to bring through the words, blessings and healing of these beings to support us as individuals, families and communities. We empower places and objects to support these practices to be our personal places of the sacred.  In the Norn portion, we braid together all that we have learned and created into practices that begin to shift outcomes and destiny paths. 

By entering into a connection with the Wyrd, the general web of fate, with its threads that determine much in our lives, we learn to alter the threads and shape our Örlog, or personal destiny. These örlog threads come from our ancestors and from decisions we make along the path of our life. We work with natural and earth based magical practices to support these unfolding paths. We enter onto the path of the Norn in company with the Elder three, Urde, Verdande and Skulld.

This course is available as a recorded archive class. 

Völva, Vala Norn Part 2 will begin in November 2022 

If you are coming in as an archive student, Völva, Vala, Norn will be available to you as a live class in November if you complete the 9 months of recordings before November 2022.

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